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What’s the point of a portrait session? Is it to capture a staged photograph that looks the same as everyone else’s photos? Or is it to capture you and your loved ones the way you really are?

At Artistic Photography, we believe it’s the latter – and we work every day to prove it. Unique, timeless photography is what we produce. Whether we’re sitting with a family for a newborn portrait, working with a bright-eyed young person for a senior portrait, or corralling an entire wedding party for wedding photos, we work best when we’re bringing out what’s unique in each individual and group. You want to celebrate who you really are – and we want to help! Our portrait and wedding photographer creates timeless memories throughout the Rochester, NY and Syracuse, CNY areas.



Artistic Photography specializes in capturing clients’ memories in all of their uniqueness. We are located inside of Boutique Studio- 2136 E Main St Rochester NY 14609

Led by professional photographer Sarah Salvilla Velasco, Artistic Photography understands that no two individuals, couples, or families are alike. We work closely with each client as we select the most natural backdrop and bring our unique, creative sensibilities to every session to capture YOU as you are. As a result, photos are not stiff and staged, but rather the truest expression of who you are. 



Artistic Photography specializes in customized, on-location photography for children with special needs. We provide a unique service that offers you and your family flexibility and convenience by creating a relaxed, stress-free environment that will allow you to enjoy the portrait experience. We create beautiful portraits of the highest quality with a unique blend of modern yet elegant photojournalism that will last a lifetime. 

With her experience in the field of physical therapy, Sarah has the knowledge, patience and compassion to understand each family’s situation. There is no need for apologies or explanations if your child is not ready. We’ll follow your child's lead and take breaks as needed. Each customized session provides a comfortable environment that you and your child will enjoy. We want to know what your child loves: a favorite character, snack, toy or activity so we can create those moments and capture a special smile or laugh. 


A Note From Sarah...

Hi! I'm Sarah. Thank you for your interest in Artistic Photography. I am thrilled that you are considering our services. 

I genuinely enjoy being part of my clients' experience and applying my creative talents in all that I do. I am committed to celebrating the special moments in your life. 

Many people don’t look forward to getting their pictures taken because they immediately think of formal, brightly lit studios where they have to wear stiff and uncomfortable clothes. I believe that after a session with Artistic Photography, you won't feel that way anymore. 

I take the time to get to know you because I feel it's important to capture the essence of who you are, and I believe that my portraits depict that. As a professional photographer, I see your best angles and poses, and I find the ideal locations to make you look your best and to help you enjoy the experience. 

My dad, Rod Salvilla, is a professional videographer. Growing up in Syracuse, New York, I was the primary subject of his craft. It’s through his influence that my love of capturing moments became my passion for photography. 

At Artistic Photography, we love what we do, and we would love to be able to give you not only beautiful memories that are captured in pictures, but also works of art that will stand the test of digital time. Let us make it happen.

If you’re ready to capture those memories – whether it’s a wedding, a newborn, or a senior portrait – we’re ready to help. Let Artistic Photography help you create beautiful photos that you will treasure forever. Call us today to schedule your session.

We cater to all of your photography needs: Wedding Photography, Events Photography, Maternity, Newborn, Portrait Photography, Sports Photography and Product Photography. Serving Rochester NY, Webster NY, Penfield NY, Syracuse NY, Pittsford NY, Irondequios NY, Greece NY, Ithaca NY, Canandaigua NY, Utica NY